"I just want to make a difference, period."
-Portia Henson Founder/CEO"

      Quote For The Cause was just an idea in back in 2012.  While working in her financial marketing company, sending thousands of leads to insurance companies, she noticed an opportunity to leverage her business to give back in a major way.

Portia had her own story of being a foster kid, young single mom, and survivor, turned successful entrepreneur. She credits her success to the people who took a moment to lend a small hand or kind word to her as she went through.

Her experiences led her to have a heart for so many causes. Unsure of how to help them all, she created a plan to not only help by raising funds for organizations she cares about, but by giving her network of followers, customers and clients an opportunity to give back as well, while doing everyday tasks as simple as getting an auto insurance quote.

Her cause is the empowerment of women. She is passionate about equipping those who desire to succeed, with the resources they need to create their ideal life. She does this through grants, scholarships, and career opportunities.